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About Alex


Weight Management

Pre-diabetes and Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol Levels

Chronic Kidney Disease

Heart Disease

Digestive/Gastrointestinal conditions

Food allergies & intolerances

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Elimination diets

Diverticular Disease

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Pregnancy Nutrition

Harness the power of eating well to fuel your best self.


Welcome! My name is Alexandra, but you can call me "Alex". 

My philosophy is that eating well for health and wellness should be simple, accessible to all, and overall delicious! As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, my goal is to empower individuals to experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with tasty, nutritious foods. I strive to make Nutrition counseling fun and simple while guiding clients along their own journeys to nourish their bodies and their minds! 

Having lived with a nutrition-related disease for over 20 years, I've learned how to help others by learning to take care of myself! I understand the struggles my clients may experience and can point them towards solutions to make behavior change easier.


Eating is not just a basic need, but also the foundation for a healthy and happy life! Nutrition counseling may provide a variety of benefits for those interested in general healthy eating or medical nutrition therapy.  My passion for helping others reach their goals nurtures a collaborative effort with my clients to fuel a healthy, nourishing relationship with food.


My mission is to help you attain your Nutrition goals, whatever they may be. Please take a look at my Service offerings by clicking the button below to see how we can work together! 


We ALL have the power to improve our health and wellbeing. 


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Credentials: Registered Dietitian (RD), Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (LDN)

Education: MS in Nutrition from Framingham State University, BS in Music Industry from Northeastern University

Professional Affiliations: Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND), Massachusetts Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (MAND), Diabetes Care Education Dietetics Practice Group, Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetics Practice Group

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