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Work with Alex

In addition to nutrition counseling, education, and meal panning services
for individuals and families, Alex also provides nutrition consulting for
businesses, organizations, and/or for corporate wellness!

See below examples of some of the work Alex has done with local organizations!

1.  Culturally-Aligned Meal Design / Planning and Cooking Classes

As part of Root's Community Catering initiative in 2021 and with the support from the Weezie Foundation, Root in Salem, MA contracted Alex to design and prepare culturally-appropriate and nutrition-focused Latin-x meal-designs to distribute to youth and adults as an emergency response to help address COVID-19 related hunger-relief efforts in Essex County, Massachusetts. Alex did a "Guest Chef" appearance with the Root Trainees of Root's Youth Job-Training Program, instructing them on how to prepare a few of the designed meals as well as providing education on food safety, cooking skills, nutrition, and meal planning! 


Salem Public Schools in Salem, MA has also contracted Alex to design Latin-x school lunch meals around National School Lunch Program nutrition standards and to provide culturally-appropriate school lunch options to their Latin-x student population and add diversity to lunch options served. Alex trained Chefs from the Salem Public Schools' Food and Nutrition Services department on how to prepare the meals, and these were distributed and enjoyed during school lunches.

Here are a few examples of Alex's Latin-x meal designs:



Root Building a Healthy Latinx Meal Plan for Root's Community Catering

2. Creating Nutrition Standards for Soup Kitchen/Food Pantry Meals/Bags

With grant-funding and support from the Cummings Foundation, Lazarus House Ministries contracted Alex to create nutrition standards for culturally-appropriate and nutritionally balanced breakfast, lunch, dinner soup kitchen meals/bags as well as food pantry bags. Alex also created and implemented trainings in both English and Spanish to instruct staff on how to use these standards. 



3. Implementation and Training of Supporting Wellness at Pantries (SWAP) 

With grant-funding and support from the Cummings Foundation, Lazarus House Ministries contracted Alex to implement the Supporting Wellness at Pantries (SWAP) program in their soup kitchen food storage area to rank food nutritionally using a visual and easy-to-understand traffic stoplight system. This system was implemented to make it easier for soup kitchen staff to identify nutritious foods to serve frequently to soup kitchen guests and those to serve in moderation. Alex provided trainings and materials in both English and Spanish to help educate staff on this system. SWAP was developed in 2016 and is a program of the Institute for Hunger Research & Solutions at Foodshare/CT Food Bank. SWAP can help increase the supply and demand for healthy food in food banks and pantries.


4. Creation of Nutrition-related content (recipes, blog posts, videos, nutrition tips) to feature  

Lazarus House Ministries contracted Alex to create nutrition-related content to feature in food pantry bags as well as on the Lazarus House Ministries webpage and social media sites. Alex created weekly nutrition tips and recipes to provide to food pantry recipients. Alex also created recipes, blog posts, and videos to feature on Lazarus House Ministries' website and social media pages.

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